Contract No. HY/2012/06
Widening of Fanling Highway – Tai Hang to Wo Hop Shek Interchange
Issue date:
Issue date Title
2020-09-14 Issue no. 250 Notification of Temporary Traffic Arrangement of Cycle Track on Wo Hop Shek Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge
2019-10-01 Newsletter Issue 27
2020-07-11 Newsletter Issue 27
2020-06-11 Issue no. 233 Temporary Closure of the Slip Road from Pak Wo Road northbound to Fanling Highway southbound
2018-10-01 Newsletter Issue 26
2017-08-01 Newsletter Issue 25
2017-03-01 Newsletter Issue 24
2016-09-01 Newsletter Issue 23
2016-08-01 Issue no. 37 Temporary Closure of Fanling Highway Southbound, Tai Po
2016-08-01 To Commission Kau Lung Hang Vehicular Bridge and Permanently Close Kiu Tau Bridge on 20 August 2016